Garden Of Love / Love Symphony

Welcome to release #6 from Soul4Real containing two previously unreleased tracks from Jimmy Gresham recorded in the early 1970s at Playground Studios in Florida and produced by Finley Duncan.

Jimmy Gresham and his killer vocals have graced many releases that have excited deep, southern & northern soul collectors the world over. His solo 45s on labels such as Decca or Teri-De plus his 45s as part of the groups The New Yorkers & The Groovers and his collaborations with Len Jewell or Rosey Grier have yielded many great moments in soul music history. Along with his siblings Mary Gresham, Willie Gresham & Ben Gresham they make a soulful dynasty going back to the early 1960s. A full appraisal of their careers is not possible here but certainly worth further investigation.

Of the two lost recordings, the top side “Garden Of Love” is a lovely mid-tempo southern soul/crossover love song with Jimmy’s gritty vocals really doing the business. Flip it over for more mid-tempo southern soul but this time with an edge of funk to a song of lost love. Served up in Soul4Real’s signature packaging – what’s not to like?

(Steve Plumb)



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