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Where Is The Love / Love Calls

Legendary multi-talented soulman SAM DEES made his living not as a performer but as a jobbing songwriter. From his Birmingham, AL base, a stream of demo tapes went to a host of soul stars, but no matter how big they were, all connoisseurs know that the most compelling emotional rendition of a Sam Dees song was his own. And these two long forgotten gems from his most creative period in the late 70s and early 80s are superb resurrections.

The plaintive ballad “Love Calls” was one of three Dees songs covered by Tavares on their fine “Madam Butterfly” LP in 1979, and lead singer Pooch does a fine job for sure – mainly by sensibly sticking close to Sam’s guide vocal. Strangely, the melodic toe-tapper slowie “Where Is The Love” was never picked up for commercial release but Sam’s super double tracked vocal and delicious chorded keyboard playing are simply unstoppable.

Sensational stuff!

(John Ridley)



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