You´ve Never Really Lived / How, When or Where

One of the main figures in Alabama’s music scene, Frederick Knight arrived at Stax in 1972 and hit with the country soul of “I’ve Been Lonely For So Long”, making number 8 on the R&B chart, and the subsequent album was a real milestone in his career.

Prior to this he played a significant part as a producer/writer at Neil Hemphill’s Sound of Birmingham Studios where the Stax album was cut. Later that decade Knight would again achieve commercial success with his own record label, Juana, and the recordings of The Controllers and, most notably, Anita Ward.

These early 70s tracks have never surfaced on vinyl before, both of which were also recorded in Birmingham. The plaintive ballad “You’ve Never Really Lived” with its subtle tempo will have you hooked from the off, while “How, When Or Where” is a mid-tempo opus that will please the dancers out there.

Two utterly fabulous tunes.

(Brian Goucher)



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